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Anchor Flanges


Welding neck anchor flanges are important elements in many thrust-control systems, especially those protecting pipeline pumping stations. Welded into the line and encased in concrete, they immobilize the pipe at predetermined locations and transfer built-up stresses to external structures. For example, in cross-county pipelines end forces of considerable magnitude are generated by internal pressure and temperature changes. A 24" O.D. x 0.594" wall pipe in a pipeline operating at 1100 psi and subjected to a 90° rise in metal temperature, for example, will develop total thrust of 1,000,000 lbs. Unless these forces are properly controlled, they can damage pumps, valves and other close-tolerance equipment. Anchor Flanges may be used to secure subsea piping and risers to platform structures.

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Ordering information

1. Design Code
2. Material
3. Design Pressure
4. Design Temperature
5. Installation Temperature
6. Allowable Concrete Bearing Stress
7. Corrosion Allowance
8. Run Pipe Diameter
9. Run Pipe Schedule Thickness
10. Other applicable moment and load information

Product standards & features

Applicable standard range

SIZE 1/8 NPS - 4 NPS, 1/8 NPS - 12 NPS (Swage Nipples)
CLASS 3000, 6000, 9000

Applicable standards

Design ASME B16.11, ASME B16.9, MSS SP-79, MSS SP-95, MSS SP-75, MSS SP-43
Inspection & testing ASME B16.11
Marking MSS SP-25

Applicable end finishes

Face to face ASME B16.11
Socket weld ASME B16.11
Screwed ends (NPT) ASME B1.20.1