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Bonney Forge: Four Decades Ahead of New ASTM Corrosion-Protective Requirements

MOUNT UNION, PA, December 19, 2014 ─ Bonney Forge Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of industrial forged steel valves, cast steel valves, forged steel fittings, unions and branch connections, is 40 years ahead of the phosphate-coating requirements the ASTM only recently issued in its updated 2014 version of A961. Specifically, the ASTM’s newest standard requires manufacturers to furnish carbon and low and intermediate alloy steel materials—for flanges, fittings and valves—with a corrosion-protective coating. The requirements of the new standard are effective immediately.

“Bonney Forge maintains a long history of trailblazing manufacturing practices that exceed industry standards,” said John Leone, Chairman and CEO. Bonney Forge set the bar for the newest ASTM A961 requirement four decades ago with phosphate coatings, while many low-cost manufacturers have been applying an inferior surface protectant that includes an oil dip or residual cutting oils (previously applied during machining steps). The updated ASTM A961 requirements will no longer permit these inadequate practices.

The key benefits of Bonney Forge’s phosphate coatings on carbon and alloy steel valves and fittings include an increased indoor shelf life and extended outdoor atmospheric corrosion protection. “Without this protective coating, products can corrode very quickly—sometimes in just a matter of hours, especially in humid or wet locations” says Paul Heald, Vice President of Product Engineering & China Operations. In addition, phosphate coatings preclude a potential safety hazard with oil. “Oil residue can drip onto the floor creating a slip hazard, and cardboard boxes can lose rigidity creating the potential for fittings tearing through and falling onto personnel carrying the items” said Heald. “Because we set the highest manufacturing standards with our customers in mind, they have, and will continue to benefit from our vigilance and commitment to excellence.” Please refer to our Bonney Forge technical letters for more on phosphate coatings: click here for condensed and comprehensive versions.

About Bonney Forge Corporation

Founded in 1876, Bonney Forge Corporation is a manufacturer and marketer of world-class, high quality forged steel fittings and unions, forged steel valves, cast steel valves and specialty products utilized in challenging operating conditions and environments. Bonney Forge serves multinational companies in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, chemical manufacturing and general industrial piping industries.

Bonney Forge, headquartered in Mount Union, PA, has fully-integrated forged steel fitting and valve manufacturing facilities. The Company owns WFI International, located in Houston, TX, which is a fully-integrated manufacturing operation specializing in made-to-order fittings and engineered piping components. Bonney Forge’s international operation, Bonney Forge Shanghai is a wholly-owned foreign enterprise and manufactures cast steel valves.

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Translation of the article in the Italian newspaper “L’Eco di Bergamo” of the interview with Mssrs. John A. Leone, President & CEO, Bonney Forge Corporation, and Antonio Sonzogni, Managing Director, BFE S.r.l. during Mr. Leone’s recent visit

“Now we’re starting to grow again”

A year since regaining control of BFE by the American multinational Bonney Forge, the Albano valve company in the energy sector, grows its revenues and workforce.

Go Bonney Forge Go. A little more than a year since returning to complete American control under Bonney Forge Co., a multinational with offices in Mount Union (Pennsylvania), BFE a company from Albano Sant’Alessandro, specialized in the production of valves for the energy and petrochemical sector, is growing: its revenues, employment, manufacturing facilities, and investments.

“The first 12 months – says John A. Leone, president of the American family run firm, during the last few days of his visit to Albano – have been very satisfying. This year we’re planning on achieving record results. From the 125 million euros in revenues we made last year, for 2014 we’re hoping to exceed 130 million.”

The management had already been able to benefit from the recovery of BFE since 2011 – adds Antonio Sonzogni, managing director of the Albano company – after the recession of 2009-2010. That year, a growth period began that hasn’t stopped yet. Capital improvements have already exceeded 4.5 million euros for 2014, equal to those made last year. At manufacturing facilities, there were improvements to the office spaces, and the production department was modernized, with acquisitions in machines and equipment. Also in the works is the construction of a new warehouse for products manufactured at Albano Sant’Alessandro. We’re waiting for the proper authorization and then we’ll begin construction.”

The growth of the company – specialized in particular in the production of forged steel valves, valves in cast steel and niche products is also strengthening its human resources.

“Currently, continues Sonzogni- the group has 265 employees, of which 241 work in Albano. The rest are employed at our other location in Bosisio Parini (in the province of Lecco) where forging is done for the manufacture of valves. Last year, we employed 20 new staff, primarily technicians and specialized operators. Another 13 are planned for this year, 9 of which in Albano, and even new administration positions.

Regarding production, “we’ve also modernized our product line – highlights the managing director of BFE – introducing to the range of globe valves and hybrids, “double block and bleed.” These are products chiefly intended for the petrochemical sector.”

“Our products – Leone notes – are exported abroad more that 85% of the time. The major markets developed and managed together with BFE are the United States (accounts for 20% of Italian sales), Europe, China (by way of Bonney Forge Shanghai), and the Middle East, which at this time is investing heavily in the petrochemical industry.”

It’s precisely on Arab countries where BFE, the groups branch, is focusing.

“The production facilities all cooperate together – the president of the Mount Union multinational repeats – the products made here in Albano Sant’Alessandro are part of the package along with those that are produced in the United States.”