Full Manufacturing Capabilities

Bonney Forge is an integrated supplier with in-house forging, machining and assembly-test inspection operations. The forge shop contains a full line of forging equipment including billet saws and shears, billet heating furnaces and induction heaters, forge presses and hammers, trim presses and batch heat treatment equipment. All necessary support equipment including a forge die shop capable of in-house manufacture is located at this facility.

Our machining and assembly operations have a complete line of metal removal equipment including turning, boring, milling, drilling, grinding, polishing, welding and have testing equipment to manufacture forged steel fittings and valves. This facility also contains all the necessary equipment to support these operations including work holding and cutting tool needs.

In addition, Bonney Forge is working in conjunction with machine tool builders to improve its manufacturing capabilities through a selective process of machine tool designs and purchases. Capital expenditures for forging and machining operations support our long-term growth through capacity gains and productivity.

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